Cafcass Asked Me If I Had Any Ideas. Here Is My 16 Page Response!

Over the last month I have been relentlessly hassling Cafcass (The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) in an attempt to get them to safeguard my children from their mother's ongoing emotional abuse. At time of writing, I have now not seen my children for almost 11 months. This is due to their mother denying … Continue reading Cafcass Asked Me If I Had Any Ideas. Here Is My 16 Page Response!

An Insight into the Life of an Alienated Parent

Life as an alienated parent is incredibly difficult to describe. Many alienated parents describe it as grieving for children that are still alive. I have also heard it described as a constant emotional pain, a constant sadness that never goes away. In essence the combined and constant feelings of loss and powerlessness are incredibly difficult to express in … Continue reading An Insight into the Life of an Alienated Parent

The Awe-inspiring Online Community of Parental Alienation

The online presence of those affected by parental alienation is both immense and awe-inspiring. In terms of statistics, typing 'parental alienation' in to Google presents one with 1,170,000 results. #PAS on Twitter reaches an audience of 2,107,036 twitter accounts. There is an incalculable number of alienated parents across the developed world passionately campaigning, advocating and pleading online for some … Continue reading The Awe-inspiring Online Community of Parental Alienation

An Open Letter to Enablers of Parental Alienation

Dear Enablers, Allow me to introduce myself. I am what's called an alienated parent. Throughout the last nine and a half months I have been relentlessly battling an unfair and biased judicial system in an attempt to have some contact with my three beautiful children following separation from my children's mother. My aim is to … Continue reading An Open Letter to Enablers of Parental Alienation

An Open Letter to Cafcass

Dear Cafcass, At time of writing I have not seen my three beautiful children for nine and a half months. Since separating, my ex and I have spent in excess of £10,000 between us on legal fees. My aim is to co-parent, my ex's aim is to keep me away from my children. Immediately after … Continue reading An Open Letter to Cafcass

A Letter from the Ministry of Justice, Now This Is Funny! (It shouldn’t be but it is)

I recently received a letter from the Minister of State for Justice. This being the result of an appointment at the office of my local MP earlier on in the year. My aim in approaching my local MP was to bring to her attention the injustice in battling parental alienation and seek her help and … Continue reading A Letter from the Ministry of Justice, Now This Is Funny! (It shouldn’t be but it is)

Compassion, What’s it Worth?

In the Oxford English dictionary, the word compassion is defined as 'sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others'. The Middle English word is thought to have originated from Anglo-French and in turn from the Late Latin word compassio, meaning to sympathize, to bear, suffer. In numerous philosophies and almost all of the major religions, … Continue reading Compassion, What’s it Worth?

The Battle for Britain’s Alienated Children

Yet another well written and well-informed post from Karen here on the current increasing awareness of Parental Alienation. But also highlights the problems that lay ahead in the continuing fight to not only get PA recognised but to effectively treat it.

Karen Woodall

Parental Alienation has become such a hot topic in the UK that everywhere one looks a petition is being launched, an article on the issue is in the media, even Woman’s Hour covered the topic recently. Meanwhile the head of CAFCASS (GAL service for our stateside readers), has confirmed that parental alienation is child abuse, although not quite as those of us who work with the issue know it.

Watching the way in which the subject, which only five years ago was readily dismissed by family court professionals, is now being rehabilitated, I am aware of the dangers ahead for parents  who think that now that the subject is being openly aired, all will be well and the problem eradicated.  I wish I could agree but I can’t. The sense of foreboding that comes with the cosy chats around the kitchen table approach to this problem is immense, it heralds…

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Some Days Are Better Than Others

I am an avid music fan. I listen to it, I read about it and I play it. I like music to surround me like a soundtrack. I find music such a powerful medium. Music comforts me, it lifts me up, in essence, like many other people it evokes powerful emotions in me. This last week has been … Continue reading Some Days Are Better Than Others

Letter to Theresa May from a victim of Parental Alienation

The following is a letter written by alienated parent Brenda Stephens in response to the governments response to the recent petition that whizzed its way around the internet requesting that parental alienation be criminalised. Brenda Stephens' blog can be found here Please do visit to show your support for yet another alienated parent.